The Importance of Using Products Scented with Essential Oils

I just want to share this information with you about the importance of using products scented with essential oils rather than “fragrances”, and, of course, reading labels! Not to worry….all of my products are scented with essential oils!

FRAGRANCES – Must be avoided.
Fragrances are always synthetic even though they often have perfectly natural names like lavender or sweet orange. It is not difficult to deduce that “Caramel Bliss” is synthetic, but what about “lemongrass?” How can you tell when something with a plant name is synthetic? Even more confusing, product labels often contain phrases like “natural fragrance” or “natural lavender fragrance.” Even more confusing than that, many of the major brands in the natural products world use synthetic fragrances in their soap and skin care products. After all, it says it’s natural, right?

Fortunately, it isn’t that difficult to distinguish truly natural scents from synthetic ones. It usually comes down to one simply word: FRAGRANCE. If you see it, avoid it. If you see the ingredient “natural fragrance,” avoid this too. They both means the same thing: SYNTHETIC (and for most people, they mean dry and possibly irritated skin). Go ahead – check out the labels on the bottle of shampoo you have in the shower. You’ll be surprised.

ESSENTIAL OILS – These are the good scents, and products’ labels will always say “essential oils” if this is how they are scented.
Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts used for scenting. They are obtained from the roots, bark, and leaves of plants, usually through steam distillation. In the case of citrus oils, essential oils come from the skins of the fruits. Unfortunately for those who love sweet scents, citrus is the dominant type of fruit that yields essential oils. Other fruit scents (apple, pear, berry) are synthetic.

There are two primary advantages to using essential oils to scent soap and skin care products. First, as plant extracts, essential oils used in proper proportions do not irritate the user’s skin. We even have customers with bad cases of eczema that successfully enjoy our scented bars. Second, everyone thinks they smell better! Especially men. Essential oils contain none of the standard, synthesized perfume bases found in fragrance oils, and in smell tests, people always express preference for the essential oils.

So, read carefully. If you see any variation or combination of the words fragrance, fragrance oil, or natural fragrance don’t be fooled. There’s nothing natural about it.