What on Earth is Qwerty Tummy?

There’s a stomach bug going around your office. Everyone has the large size bottle of hand sanitizer on their desks, and they are running to the restrooms to wash their hands far more often than usual. They open doors with a tissue covering the knobs. They drink their coffee and tea from disposable paper cups rather than their favorite ceramic mugs. Their handbags and briefcases are filled with bottles of nutritional supplements. Their minds chant “I will not get sick! I will not get sick!”

You’ve been tapping away at your computer all morning. You’re on a dead line and don’t have time to take an official lunch hour. You pull out your sandwich and a piece of fruit, taking bites while you continue tapping away on the keyboard. Focusing on the task at hand, you are completely blind to the fact that with every tap, and then with every bite, you are transferring bacteria from your fingers to your mouth.

Now you’ve done it! You officially have “Qwerty Tummy”.  Named after the first 6 letters on a keyboard (I kid you not), this stomach bug can sweep through an entire workplace leaving a path of destruction like a tornado. Qwerty Tummy is caused by bacteria growth on computer keyboards. The main cause of a contaminated keyboard is eating at desks. Food deposits invite millions of bacteria to grow. Poor hygiene, such as not washing hands thoroughly, can also contribute.

Research done by the University of Arizona found that the average desktop has 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat. Their tests also showed that women’s desks tended to harbor more bacteria than men’s, and office keyboards harbor more bacteria than home computer keyboards.

And what about those cell phones, remote controls, and the mouse? When was the last time you gave these items a good washing? Got kids using your electronic devices? Then you’ve got a good deal of bacteria happily living on the devices, increasing the risk of spreading illnesses to everyone in your home and office.

Cleaning your computer keyboard is easy and takes no more than a few minute of your time once a week or so.  Poppy’s Naturally Clean OFF-KEY! Computer cleaning set is all that you will need to get started. Essential oils of tea tree and sweet orange have been added to OFF-KEY! to take advantage of their amazing natural antibacterial qualities. Certified chemical free and biodegradable, you will be cleaning your keyboard naturally, reducing your exposure to harmful toxins.


Always start by unplugging the keyboard from the computer. Turn it upside down and give it a good shake to release all the loose dirt. Spray a small amount of OFF-KEY! solution onto the microfiber cloth provided. Wipe each key thoroughly on all sides. The microfiber cloth will attract and wipe away the dirt and bacteria. Remember to spray the solution on the cloth, never directly on the keyboard. Use the same procedure to clean the mouse, screen, remote controls, cell phones, headphones, laptop computers, tablets, phones, televisions, and any other devices. The microfiber cloth may be machine washed and dried as needed.

Stop Qwerty Tummy in its tracks! Clean your computer keyboards and other electronic devices often.

Victoria Kheel

Poppy’s Naturally Clean