About Us


My name is Victoria and I am the founder of Poppy’s Naturally Clean. No, I’m not a chemist, nor was Chemistry a favorite subject of mine in school. I’m just a mom who cares about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I admit to being a “nester”, I love my home; and seeking out ways of making it better in every way, is a passion of mine.

A few years ago I decided to focus on the idea of making my home self‐producing. I developed an organic garden, planted many fruit trees, and adopted 3 baby chicks with the intention of reaping the profits from their egg laying. At that time, I was also taking classes in holistic nutrition, with the hopes of learning the best ways for my 2 teenage boys and I to benefit from what we eat. One of the courses focused on “toxins in the home”. This is where it all began…

First order of business was to empty my cleaning closet of any cleaners that contained ingredients that I couldn’t pronounce. Chances are, those are the ingredients that burned my eyes, made me sneeze and cough, gave me rashes, didn’t work very well, and actually cost more money than they were worth.

Then came the endless hours of research to figure out what natural ingredients worked to clean what surfaces safely. My nutritional background gave me knowledge of the basic relationship between alkaline and acid, the key to cleaning naturally. The fun began when I started to see how great my new cleaners were working.

I celebrated every month that went by where I didn’t need to go to the store to buy laundry detergent, Windex, Comet, Clorox bleach, toxic toilet bowl cleaner or furniture polish. Then the light bulb went off! I needed to share my products with as many people and households as possible. Not only had I reduced the toxins in my home, I was also reducing the toxins that went out into the environment. Poppy’s Naturally Clean was born.

In addition to the Poppy’s Naturally Clean products, for you convienence, I offer many other eco-friendly and “green” products that hold up to my high standards. I hope you enjoy using them as much as I do! Go Green!