Vegetable Brush


The Ring vegetable brush Part bamboo handle + part natural & recycled bristle blend = entirely earth-friendly. Basically, it’s as easy on the earth as the vegetables you clean with it. (You are buying organic, right?) Comfortable thumb placement Natural & recycled bristles are tough enough to remove dirt, yet soft enough not to bruise… Read More

Grout and Tile Brush

Grunge Buster Brush from web

Grunge Buster Grout and Tile Brush A little effort goes a long way with our iron-shaped grout brush, designed to make one of the most unpleasant household chores a whole lot easier. The outer softer bristles clean tile, while the tough narrow middle bristles do a killer job on grout. Tough bristles for grout, softer… Read More

Tater Mate Potato Brush

Tater Mate Brush from web

Tater Mate Potato Brush w/ eye remover Now organic potatoes have a cleaning toll to match. With one simple twist, eyes pop right out of the potatoes, while the ergonomic handle fits perfectly in your palm. Easily remove potato eyes-place point in eye’s center and twist Stands on end for quick drying Bamboo is coated… Read More

Bum Boosa® Bamboo Baby Wipes – Single Pack (80 count)

Bum Boosa Bamboo Baby Wipes

Bum Boosa® Bamboo Baby Wipes are a unique, 100% bio-friendly product that was developed with both the planet and infants’ sensitive skin in mind. Our mission is to provide a new option for a widespread consumer product that, through its use, trees and water are saved. We are able to do this by drawing on… Read More

Full Circle Be Good Dish Brush

Be Good Dish Brush

It’s the little brush that saved the world. Well, maybe not quite, but with a sustainable bamboo handle and recycled plastic bristles, it’s a heck of a start. Be good to your home; be good to your planet. The Full Circle Be Good Dish Brush is made from bamboo and recycled plastic. Brush head &… Read More

Crystal Clear Glass Cleaner Brush

Crystal Clear Glass Cleaner Brush

Sustainable bamboo handle meets biodegradable cellulose sponge for glass washing rendezvous. Outlook? Super sudsy scrubbing and serious shimmering sparkle. This Crystal Clear Glass Cleaner Brush is made from bamboo, recycled plastic and cellulose. Biodegradable cellulose sponge is safe on all glassware Stands on end to air dry Ergonomic handle for comfortable grip Layers of sponge… Read More