Vegetable Brush


The Ring vegetable brush Part bamboo handle + part natural & recycled bristle blend = entirely earth-friendly. Basically, it’s as easy on the earth as the vegetables you clean with it. (You are buying organic, right?) Comfortable thumb placement Natural & recycled bristles are tough enough to remove dirt, yet soft enough not to bruise… Read More

Grout and Tile Brush

Grunge Buster Brush from web

Grunge Buster Grout and Tile Brush A little effort goes a long way with our iron-shaped grout brush, designed to make one of the most unpleasant household chores a whole lot easier. The outer softer bristles clean tile, while the tough narrow middle bristles do a killer job on grout. Tough bristles for grout, softer… Read More

Tater Mate Potato Brush

Tater Mate Brush from web

Tater Mate Potato Brush w/ eye remover Now organic potatoes have a cleaning toll to match. With one simple twist, eyes pop right out of the potatoes, while the ergonomic handle fits perfectly in your palm. Easily remove potato eyes-place point in eye’s center and twist Stands on end for quick drying Bamboo is coated… Read More

Skoy European Cleaning Cloths

Wood Cellulose Cleaning Cloths

One SKOY European Cleaning Cloth replaces 15 rolls of paper towels! Imagine that! SKOY European Cleaning Cloths are fabulous, absorbent, biodegradable and natural multi-use cloths. They can be used in place of your sponge, washcloth or paper towel. Made in Europe, this cloth is biodegradable because it’s made from a natural cotton and wood-based cellulose… Read More

Original Spaghetti Scrubber

Original Spaghetti Scrubber

The Original Spaghetti Scrubber’s unique scrub is great for general cleaning, removing stains from metal cookware, glass, wood, plastic, kettles, sinks, grills, and even for peeling vegetables! Super fast drying reduces bacteria growth. Made from corn, core powder, cotton, and polyester. Set of 2 Price: $8.99 Shipping Weight 0.11 Lbs.

Outdoor Scouring Pad

Outdoor Scrubber

Use this Outdoor Scouring Pad for all of your tough jobs! Works great for general heavy duty cleaning, removing minor stains on exterior walls, furniture, wooden decks, BBQ grills, and flower pots. Made from walnut shells and non-woven nylon. Price: $6.99 Shipping Weight 0.08 Lbs.

Kitchen Cleaning Pad – Stainless Steel/Marble/Granite

Kitchen Cleaning Pad Stainless Steel Marble Granite

This Kitchen Cleaning Pad has a scrubbing surface that is non-abrasive, but  removes stains, water spots, fingerprints, and grease from sensitive surfaces such as stainless steel cookware and appliances. It also works well on marble and granite counter tops. Made from recycled plastic, non-woven nylon, and polyurethane. Price: $6.99 Shipping Weight 0.07 Lbs.

Kitchen Cleaning Pad – Heavy Duty

Kitchen Cleaning Pad Heavy Duty

This heavy duty Kitchen Cleaning Pad is the perfect size to get into hard to reach places. It’s great for removing burns and stubborn stains on non-coated metal cookware and other non-scratching surfaces. Made from Alumina and non-woven nylon, they are long lasting and dry quickly, reducing bacteria growth. Price: $6.99 Shipping Weight 0.08 Lbs.

Microfiber Scrubbing Mop Pad

Microfiber Scrubbing Mop Pad

Our Microfiber Scrubbing Mop Pad is constructed with an 80/20 microfiber yarn blend and looped-pile scrubbing strips for aggressive abrasive action. The balanced weave allows for soil to be loosened by the scrub strips and picked up by the microfiber yarns. Center construction adds a layer of microfiber fabric for better absorbency. The industrial quality… Read More

Mop Handle With 3 Microfiber Mop Pads

Mop Handle with 3 Mop Pads

Our Mop Handle With 3 Microfiber Mop Pads is the best mop combination that you will ever use. The frame swivels to get into hard to reach places and corners, while the microfiber pads are super absorbent, with just enough abrasion to loosen dirt. The aluminum handle is 72” long and utilizes a turn and… Read More

Microfiber Terry Cloths

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Not all microfiber cloths are created equal. These Microfiber Terry Cloths are more efficient and durable than traditional cleaning cloths. They provide the best qualities for dusting and general use cleaning. Super absorbent, soft yet slightly abrasive, they clean well with just water or a small amount of cleaning solutions. Machine washable, these cloths will… Read More

Full Circle Be Good Dish Brush

Be Good Dish Brush

It’s the little brush that saved the world. Well, maybe not quite, but with a sustainable bamboo handle and recycled plastic bristles, it’s a heck of a start. Be good to your home; be good to your planet. The Full Circle Be Good Dish Brush is made from bamboo and recycled plastic. Brush head &… Read More

Crystal Clear Glass Cleaner Brush

Crystal Clear Glass Cleaner Brush

Sustainable bamboo handle meets biodegradable cellulose sponge for glass washing rendezvous. Outlook? Super sudsy scrubbing and serious shimmering sparkle. This Crystal Clear Glass Cleaner Brush is made from bamboo, recycled plastic and cellulose. Biodegradable cellulose sponge is safe on all glassware Stands on end to air dry Ergonomic handle for comfortable grip Layers of sponge… Read More