Laundry Powder for pet bedding, toys and accessories

Laundry Powder for Pet Bedding

Keep your pet’s bedding free of harmful and toxic chemicals with this delightful laundry powder. “Certified” to be chemical free, nontoxic,  biodegradable, and most importantly safe for pets!  Our laundry powder is the perfect product to clean all your pet supplies and toys. It works especially well at eliminating odors from pet beds. Lavender scent. Price:… Read More

Green Garmento Reusable Dry Cleaning Bag

Green Garmento Reusable Dry Cleaning Bags

The Green Garmento Reusable Dry Cleaning Bag is an eco-friendly and affordable laundry bag. This charming bag can be used as a “hanging hamper,” laundry bag, duffel bag and carrying bag. The Green Garmento can hold all of your dry cleaning, and as an all-in-one laundry bag, it makes doing the laundry much more convenient… Read More

Laundry Powder Soap

Laundry Powder_New Packaging_2015_FINAL

Poppy’s Naturally Clean Laundry Powder with low suds leaves your clothes beautifully clean and smelling fresh. One scoop of laundry powder is all that is needed per load. Tea Tree and Lavender essential oils add antibacterial properties. This cleaner contains only natural ingredients and is certified to be chemical free, biodegradable and toxin free. It… Read More

Lavender Dryer Pouches

Lavender Dryer Pouches

Just throw one of Poppy’s Naturally Clean Lavender Dryer Pouches in the dryer to give a fresh lavender scent to your laundry. After 3-4 uses, the pouch can be recycled by adding it to your bath! Set of 4. Price: $6.00 Shipping Weight 0.08 Lbs.

Stoney Mountain Farms Wool Dryer Balls

Wool Dryer Balls

Stoney Mountain Farms Wool Dryer Balls are felted from 100% wool. We use only wool grown on our farm and other small pre-qualified farms. Using wool from our farm and other farms that meet our standards enables us to offer a much higher quality control. We can safely say, “no chemicals, no dyes…just natural, humanely… Read More