Thanks so much for doing what you do and for doing it so well!

Found our goodies on the porch – many thanks! I’ve been a cleaning fiend this evening and I’m truly loving your Wood Furniture Cleaner! It’s really cleaning the cabinets and leaving such a nice clean shine – no residue! The cloths are great too. Thanks so much for doing what you do and for doing… Read More

Love your Laundry powder!

Love your Laundry powder! Leslie Loves Veggies sent me! — Marcie Sullivan  

Here’s to Poppy’s!

I’m all for using products that do a good job but without destroying our planet, so here’s to Poppy’s! — Lorraine Van Dyke  


WOWSERS…great results from Poppy’s Laundry Powder and the lavender scent smells fresh-as-springtime! Well Done! — Roxanne Holland

I feel so safe from chemicals

Not all cleaning products sold at Whole Foods are safe for you or the environment. that’s why I feel so safe from chemicals when I use Poppy’s Naturally Clean products. Victoria started this company and is a regular attendee to my heart link events. — Karen Roth posted to The Heart Link Network  

No more chemical spray cleaners for me!

My favorite Poppy’s Naturally Clean product is the all purpose spray cleaner. I use it on absolutely EVERYTHING! I’m always amazed at how well it cleans with just a little bit of the spray and a wipe with a microfiber cloth. No more chemical spray cleaners for me! – Myrna Vasquez

Reveling in the delicate smell of lavender

Just got my bedding out of the dryer and am reveling in the delicate smell of lavender….there is nothing better than having this relaxing and inviting smell greet you when you crawl into bed at night. Knowing that they were washed by Poppy’s Naturally Clean Laundry Powder makes it a total win-win deal…great smell and… Read More

Here’s a kitchen tip for Poppy’s Naturally Clean customers…

Here’s a kitchen tip for Poppy’s Naturally Clean customers . . . My husband burned a batch of chili in my favorite stainless steel soup pot. Instead of spending a long time scraping and scratching the pot, I added 1 part white vinegar and 1 part water and put the pot back onto the stove… Read More

Thank you so much for making a safe antibacterial hand soap

Thank you so much for making a safe anti-bacterial hand soap. I have one in each bathroom. I wish more people knew that they don’t have to use dangerous chemicals to keep their hands free from germs. The Clean Well hand sanitizers are so convenient to carry in my purse and leave at my desk… Read More

This is the best I have used!

Hi! I have talked to you about your great products at the Studio City farmer’s market. To my surprise, I find them safe enough to share cleaning duties with my helpful 3 year old son (he likes to brush the toilet bowl and wipe things). I have been so impressed with the scrubbing cleaner. It… Read More

Beautifully spot-free clean!

I used Poppy’s Naturally Clean Glass & Mirror Spray Cleaner on some crystals in my hanging crystal collection. With vinegar as one of the ingredients, they come up so beautifully spot-free clean! And I wipe them off with one of your microfiber towels for a super rainbow-filled sparkle. – Eileen Raycroft

Seems almost impossible, but Poppy’s did it!

I’ve recently tried Poppy’s Naturally Clean products in my home and I love them! I’ve used the laundry soap in my front loading HE machine and it works great. Even soiled clothes were no problem and the light lavender fragrance is just right. I have been looking for a green household cleaner and found a… Read More

It did an awesome job!

Victoria, today I reached for my window cleaner to undo some happy greetings my dog left for my on my sliding glass doors only to find I had run out. So I grabbed the only other spray cleaner within my reach-which is Poppy’s marble and granite spray cleaner. I wasn’t sure if it would leave… Read More

I Love Your Liquid Hand Soap!

I love your Liquid Hand Soap, or as it is called in our house, the No Hangnail Soap. My hands feel great after I use it and never dry. Plus it does no harm to the water system. Thank you! – Karen Kroll